[tripleo] Deploy overcloud without provisioning

Marco Marino marino.mrc at gmail.com
Thu Aug 6 07:32:21 UTC 2020

I'm trying to deploy an overcloud using tripleo with pre provisioned nodes.
My configuration is quite simple:
- 1 controller and 1 compute nodes on which I already installed CentOS 8.2
- Both nodes have a dedicated idrac interface with an ip in
Please note that this interface is not visible with "ip a" or "ifconfig".
It's a dedicated IDRAC interface
- Both nodes have a NIC configured in the subnet
( and
- Undercloud uses as pxe/provisioning network (but I don't
need provisioning)

Question: should I import nodes with "openstack overcloud node import
nodes.yaml" even if I don't need the provisioning step?

Furthermore, on the undercloud I created one file:
/home/stack/templates/node-info.yaml with the following content

  OvercloudControllerFlavor: control
  OvercloudComputeFlavor: compute
  ControllerCount: 1
  ComputeCount: 1

Question: How can I specify that "node X with ip Y should be used as a
controller and node Z with ip K should be used as a compute"?? Should I set
the property with the following command?
openstack baremetal node set --property capabilities='profile:control'

Thank you,
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