[tc][ptl] Proposal: Distributed Project Leadership

Nate Johnston nate.johnston at redhat.com
Wed Aug 5 22:02:23 UTC 2020

The governing structure for OpenStack projects has long been for a Project
Technical Lead (PTL) to be elected to serve as a singular focus for that
project.  While the PTL role varies significantly from project to project, the
PTL has many responsibilities for managing the development and release process
for a project as well as representing the project both internally and

There have been a number of projects that have expressed an interest in
functioning in a mode that would not require a PTL, but would rather devolve the
responsibilities of the PTL into various liaison roles, that could in turn be
held by one or more contributors.  This topic was discussed by the TC at the
recent virtual PTG, and we now have a proposal to put forth to the community for
comment.  Jean-Phillipe Evrard and I worked up a more detailed proposal for
everyone to comment on and review.  We are calling this the 'distributed project
leadership model'.

Most importantly, this is an opt-in process where projects interested in
pursuing a distributed project leadership model should opt in to it, but for
projects satisfied with the status quo nothing would change.  I encourage
everyone who is interested to examine the proposal and comment:


Thank you,

Nate Johnston 

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