[all][tc][ptl] "Meet the project leaders" opportunities in Shanghai

Ghanshyam Mann gmann at ghanshyammann.com
Fri Oct 4 19:30:19 UTC 2019

 ---- On Fri, 04 Oct 2019 13:07:12 -0500 Jeremy Stanley <fungi at yuggoth.org> wrote ----
 > On 2019-10-04 12:52:34 -0500 (-0500), Eric Fried wrote:
 > > > It would be good to have a rough idea of who will be available
 > > > at each opportunity. To keep it simple, I created a sign-up
 > > > sheet at:
 > > > 
 > > > https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/meet-the-project-leaders
 > > 
 > > If a PTL will not be present, is it acceptable to send a delegate?
 > The goal, as I understand it, is to reinforce to attendees in China
 > that OpenStack project leadership is accessible and achievable, by
 > providing opportunities for them to be able to meet and speak
 > in-person with a representative cross-section of our community
 > leaders. Is that something which can be delegated? Seems to me it
 > might convey the opposite of what's intended, but I don't know if my
 > impression is shared by others.

IMO, it should be ok to delegate to other Core of that project. the main idea here is to interact with
Chinese communities and help new contributors to onboard or just convey them 'if you are interested
in this project, I am here to talk to you'.

I think it will be more useful sessions if we have more local Core members also along with PTLs which will solve
the cultural or language barrier if any. 


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 > Jeremy Stanley

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