[designate][heat][horizon][ironic][magnum][octavia][searchlight][senlin][vitrage][zaqar][zun] Upgrading nodejs version

Monty Taylor mordred at inaugust.com
Thu Mar 14 00:14:25 UTC 2019

On 3/13/19 11:14 PM, Graham Hayes wrote:
> On 13/03/2019 22:57, Monty Taylor wrote:
>> Hey all!
>> NodeJS version 4 isn't a supported version anymore - and what's more
>> there are no packages for it for bionic.
>> To that end, all of the UI projects that are currently requesting
>> node_version: 4 in their npm jobs [0] or who are using any of the
>> templates that start with nodejs4- [1] are about to have a large amount
>> of sad.
>> I would personally recommend updating to node_version: 10 - since that's
>> the most recent LTS and would give us until 2021-04-01 [2] before we
>> need to deal with things again.
>> BUT - I don't have a real opinion on course of action - I figure that's
>> likely something to be discussed amongst the various UI projects. The
>> only thing I have an opinion on is that the outcome probably shouldn't
>> be "shrug, nodejs4 is fine". :)
> Yeah - that sounds like something we should upgrade. Is there any
> preferred way the horizon team has for us to update this? Any
> known pitfalls?
> I am honestly not sure what will happen if we go from 4 -> 10
> (and for most of our team the horizon plugin is a blackbox),
> so this is a trip into the unknown :/

Yeah - I have no clue how complex it's going to be. :)

For now, we landed a patch to openstack-zuul-jobs to update the nodejs4- 
project-templates to run on xenial, so that we don't have to rush.


I think it's probably a good idea for folks with node_version: 4 in 
their zuul.yaml files to add a xenial nodeset. That should unbreak 
anyone having issues - and we can figure out how to fix this during train.


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