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Mark Goddard mark at stackhpc.com
Thu Jul 4 15:16:41 UTC 2019

On Thu, 4 Jul 2019 at 16:06, Chris Dent <cdent+os at anticdent.org> wrote:

> I've decided [1] that I'm going to resist going to tech conferences
> and summits in particular by air travel, unless it becomes an
> existential issue. For a variety of reasons described in [1] and the
> two other posts it links to.
> I know for some people that this will present some concerns about my
> efficacy as PTL of placement, so I thought I better mention it
> sooner than later so we can make some decisions on how we want to
> proceed:
> * Should I take myself out of the running for U PTL? In which case
>    we need to get a shadow warmed up.
> * If I'm not there, but still PTL, should we still hold the usual
>    regularly placement things (project update and onboarding, PTG
>    things)? In which case we need to prepare chairs/moderators for
>    those sessions.
> Given my positions on the exclusive properties of conferences, I'd
> prefer that we turn update and onboarding activities into
> asynchronous, document-oriented affairs that anyone can utilize at
> any time, not just those wanting and able to go to summit.
> Similarly, given how useful the placement pre-PTG was for Train, the
> very small amount of time spent discussing placement issues in
> person in Denver, and the team's strategy of focusing on a
> relatively small number of changes, I'm not certain we need "time"
> in Shanghai. We can spread that work out.
> Thoughts or questions from anyone?

Thanks for speaking up about your feelings on this. I'm not going so far as
to say I won't fly to conferences, but one intercontinental flight in a
year for conferences seems like more than enough to me.

I won't be attending the Shanghai summit, and environmental factors play a
role in this decision (as will an imminent newborn), so I'll watch how this
plays out with interest.


> [1] https://anticdent.org/remote-maintainership.html
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