[placement] [tc] PTL not going to summit?

Emilien Macchi emilien at redhat.com
Thu Jul 4 15:45:09 UTC 2019

On Thu, Jul 4, 2019 at 11:19 AM Chris Dent <cdent+os at anticdent.org> wrote:

> I've decided [1] that I'm going to resist going to tech conferences
> and summits in particular by air travel, unless it becomes an
> existential issue. For a variety of reasons described in [1] and the
> two other posts it links to.
> I know for some people that this will present some concerns about my
> efficacy as PTL of placement, so I thought I better mention it
> sooner than later so we can make some decisions on how we want to
> proceed:
> * Should I take myself out of the running for U PTL? In which case
>    we need to get a shadow warmed up.
> * If I'm not there, but still PTL, should we still hold the usual
>    regularly placement things (project update and onboarding, PTG
>    things)? In which case we need to prepare chairs/moderators for
>    those sessions.
> Given my positions on the exclusive properties of conferences, I'd
> prefer that we turn update and onboarding activities into
> asynchronous, document-oriented affairs that anyone can utilize at
> any time, not just those wanting and able to go to summit.
> Similarly, given how useful the placement pre-PTG was for Train, the
> very small amount of time spent discussing placement issues in
> person in Denver, and the team's strategy of focusing on a
> relatively small number of changes, I'm not certain we need "time"
> in Shanghai. We can spread that work out.
> Thoughts or questions from anyone?
> [1] https://anticdent.org/remote-maintainership.html

Thanks a ton Chris for speaking up on that topic. I also share your
opinions in this blog.
I've talked with a few TripleO contributors and a bunch of us won't go to
China either (for different reasons).

Instead, I think we'll try to make progress in our asynchronous
collaboration and eventually organize a virtual meetup if needed.
Also, in my humble opinion you shouldn't step out of PTL role just because
you won't go to the next conference. I think it's part of the PTL role to
find out how to make the collaboration happen without barriers, no matter
where you are in the world. Thanks for all your hard work on Placement and
I hope you'll make the right decision for you and the project.
Emilien Macchi
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