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Mon Dec 16 03:20:11 UTC 2019


As discussed with Rico I send a mail to report the telemetry project status.

We had already finished some work in Ussuri:
1.Support dynamic pollster feature
    Thanks Rafael Weingärtner hard working
2.Support aodh-evaluator built-in active/active deployment mode
3.Support threshold type alarm again
    Thanks, Lingxian

Also, We plan to do some work in Ussuri:
1.Add Ceilometer API back
    Since Gnocchi is out of OpenStack and is unmaintained, we need to add
Ceilometer API back again.
2.Mongodb database backend support
    As this thread [0] discuss, there are still some users still use
mongodb as the database backend, we decide to add this support again.
License issue should consider and fix by user. The OVH and Catalyst Cloud
had fix the mongodb performance issue with some mongodb changes. Gnoochi
will still support as the backed. Other database (like influxdb, ES....),
we would happy everyone to submit patches to support as the database backed
in ceilometer.
3.cpu_utils support
    This is mentioned many many times, this is a useful metric, so we
decide support this again.
4.Support container meters with Zun
5. Acknowledgment of OpenStack-wide Goals

I created a storyboard to track Ceilometer Ussuri release to do things in
[1]. Free free to add things you want to do in Ussuri release.

[1]: https://storyboard.openstack.org/#!/board/205

Rong Zhu
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