[Telemetry][TC]Telemetry status

Zane Bitter zbitter at redhat.com
Tue Dec 17 03:01:45 UTC 2019

On 15/12/19 10:20 pm, Rong Zhu wrote:
> 1.Add Ceilometer API back
>      Since Gnocchi is out of OpenStack and is unmaintained, we need to 
> add Ceilometer API back again.

This is concerning because even the people who wrote it don't consider 
it adequate to the job. That inadequacy has been the source of 
significant reputational damage to OpenStack in the past, and many folks 
(me included) are anxious to avoid a repeat.

Telemetry is part of the TC "Approved Release" that is eligible for the 
trademark program; I think at a minimum the TC will want to remove the 
resurrected Ceilometer API from the "designated sections" that users are 
required to run to participate in any trademark program that includes 
the functionality in question. But I think that we should explore other 
ways of reducing the chance of anyone confusing this for a viable way of 
building a cloud, including possibly changing the name (Antediluvian 
API?) and having this part of the stack live outside of the official 
OpenStack project.

I'm not clear on which parts of the API you plan to resurrect, but for 
example - wearing my Heat hat - after a long process of migrating 
Ceilometer alarm resources in Heat to Aodh ones (mostly involving 
breaking changes forced on us by the absence of a migration path in 
Telemetry), I have zero interest in turning around and going back in the 
other direction. I would infinitely prefer that we find a path to e.g. 
migrate to Monasca as the collector so that the community can speak with 
one voice about how to do metrics and alarming in OpenStack.

> 2.Mongodb database backend support
>    As this thread [0] discuss, there are still some users still use 
> mongodb as the database backend, we decide to add this support again. 
> License issue should consider and fix by user.

So long as this is not the only backend available, I agree the licensing 
of MongoDB itself is not a concern for OpenStack (we have plenty of 
drivers that depend on even proprietary software in various places).

The issue that Matthias alluded to in the thread is that Linux 
distributions are dropping MongoDB due to its non-free license, so it is 
not nearly as widely and easily available as it was in the past.

> The OVH and Catalyst 
> Cloud had fix the mongodb performance issue with some mongodb changes. 

It's really hard to reconcile this with the information here (and 
especially in the linked slide):


> Gnoochi will still support as the backed. Other database (like influxdb, 
> ES....), we would happy everyone to submit patches to support as the 
> database backed in ceilometer.

This is good to hear :)


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