[openstack-dev] [sdk][masakari][tricircle] Inclusion of SDK classes in openstacksdk tree

Monty Taylor mordred at inaugust.com
Sat Jan 20 17:22:57 UTC 2018

Hey everybody,

Wanted to send a quick note to let people know that all OpenStack 
services are more than welcome to put any openstacksdk proxy and 
resource classes they have directly into the openstacksdk tree.

Looking through codesearch.openstack.org, masakariclient and tricircle 
each have SDK-related classes in their trees.

You don't HAVE to put the code into openstacksdk. In fact, I wrote a 
patch for masakariclient to register the classes with 


But I wanted to be clear that the code is **welcome** directly in tree, 
and that anyone working on an OpenStack service is welcome to put 
support code directly in the openstacksdk tree.


PS. Joe - you've also got some classes in the tricircle test suite 
extending the network service. I haven't followed all the things ... are 
the tricircle network extensions done as neutron plugins now? (It looks 
like they are) If so, why don't we figure out getting your network 
resources in-tree as well.

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