[openstack-dev] [qa][requirements] CentOS libvirt versus newton/ocata libvirt-python

Matthew Thode prometheanfire at gentoo.org
Fri Jan 12 03:53:29 UTC 2018

On 18-01-12 12:42:49, Ian Wienand wrote:
> Hi,
> So I guess since CentOS included libvirt 3.2 (7-1708, or around RHEL
> 7.4), it's been incompatible with libvirt-python requirements of 2.1.0
> in newton [1] and 2.5.0 in ocata [2] (pike, at 3.5.0, works).
> Do we want to do anything about this?  I can think of several options
> * bump the libvirt-python versions on older branches
> * Create an older centos image (can't imagine we have the person
>   bandwidth to maintain this)
> * Hack something in devstack (seems rather pointless to test
>   something so far outside deployments).
> * Turn off CentOS testing for old devstack branches
> None are particularly appealing...
> (I'm sorry if this has been discussed, I have great déjà vu about it,
> maybe we were talking about it at summit or something).

I thought I remembered something about it, but couldn't find it in the
archives.  First, about newton, it's dead (2017-10-11).  Next, about ocata,
it looks like it can support newer libvirt, but just because a distro
updated a library doesn't mean we have to update.  IIRC, for ubuntu they
use cloud-archives to get the right version of libvirt, does something
like that exist for centos/redhat?

Matthew Thode (prometheanfire)
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