[openstack-dev] [qa][requirements] CentOS libvirt versus newton/ocata libvirt-python

Ian Wienand iwienand at redhat.com
Fri Jan 12 01:42:49 UTC 2018


So I guess since CentOS included libvirt 3.2 (7-1708, or around RHEL
7.4), it's been incompatible with libvirt-python requirements of 2.1.0
in newton [1] and 2.5.0 in ocata [2] (pike, at 3.5.0, works).

Do we want to do anything about this?  I can think of several options

* bump the libvirt-python versions on older branches

* Create an older centos image (can't imagine we have the person
  bandwidth to maintain this)

* Hack something in devstack (seems rather pointless to test
  something so far outside deployments).

* Turn off CentOS testing for old devstack branches

None are particularly appealing...

(I'm sorry if this has been discussed, I have great déjà vu about it,
maybe we were talking about it at summit or something).


[1] http://logs.openstack.org/48/531248/2/check/legacy-tempest-dsvm-neutron-full-centos-7/80fa903/logs/devstacklog.txt.gz#_2018-01-09_05_14_40_960
[2] http://logs.openstack.org/50/531250/2/check/legacy-tempest-dsvm-neutron-full-centos-7/1c711f5/logs/devstacklog.txt.gz#_2018-01-09_20_43_08_833

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