[openstack-dev] [qa][requirements] CentOS libvirt versus newton/ocata libvirt-python

Ian Wienand iwienand at redhat.com
Fri Jan 12 04:18:02 UTC 2018

On 01/12/2018 02:53 PM, Matthew Thode wrote:
> First, about newton, it's dead (2017-10-11).

Yeah, there were a few opt-outs, which is why I think devstack still
runs it.  Not worth a lot of effort.

> Next, about ocata, it looks like it can support newer libvirt, but
> just because a distro updated a library doesn't mean we have to
> update.  IIRC, for ubuntu they use cloud-archives to get the right
> version of libvirt, does something like that exist for
> centos/redhat?

Well cloud-archives is ports of more recent things backwards, whereas
I think we're in a situation of having too recent libraries in the
base platform.  The CentOS 7.3 v 7.4 situation is a little more subtle
than Trusty v Xenial, say, but fundamentally the same I guess.  The
answer may be "Ocata not supported on 7.4".

p.s. I hope I'm understanding the python-libvirt compat story
correctly.  AIUI any newer python-binding release will build against
older versions of libvirt.  But an old version of python-libvirt may
not build against a newer release of the C libraries?


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