[openstack-dev] [all] Some information about the Forum at the Summit in Boston

Joshua Harlow harlowja at fastmail.com
Thu Mar 9 17:05:45 UTC 2017

Ben Swartzlander wrote:
> I might be the only one who has negative feelings about the PTG/Forum
> split, but I suspect the foundation is suppressing negative feedback
> from myself and other developers so I'll express my feelings here. If
> there's anyone else who feels like me please reply, otherwise I'll
> assume I'm just an outlier.

You aren't alone here.

> The new structure is asking developers to travel 4 times a year
> (minimum) and makes it impossible to participate in 2 or more vertical
> projects.
> I know that most of the people working on Manila have pretty limited
> travel budgets, and meeting 4 times a year basically guarantees that a
> good number of people will be remote at any given meeting. From my
> perspective if I'm going to be meeting with people on the phone I'd
> rather be on the phone myself and have everyone on equal footing.

The funny part is that if you don't go to the PTG then the following is 
what u get.

'All ATCs who contributed to the Ocata release but were unable to
attend the PTG will receive a $300 discount on the current ticket
price for the Boston Summit. '

So if you don't go to the PTGs (or attend virtually) then you get 
penalized on the summits as well, which is like, ummm, ya super awesome, 

And don't get me started as to why the summits are so expensive; 
especially knowing how much it costs to join the openstack foundation 

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