[openstack-dev] [kolla][TripleO] New areas for collaboration between Kolla and TripleO

Andy McCrae andy.mccrae at gmail.com
Thu Jul 20 14:27:22 UTC 2017

Hi all,

> Some areas of collaboration:
> * Kubernetes resources: Work on the same set of resources. In this case,
>  resources means the existing templates in kolla-kubernetes. Find ways to
> share
>  the same resources rather than having 2 different sets of resources.
> * Configuration management: Work on a common ansible role/module for
> generating
>  configuration files. There's a PoC already[1] but it's still being worked
> on.
>  The PoC will likely turn into an Ansible module rather than a role.
> @flaper87
>  is working on this.

On this point specifically, we have the config_template module[1] in
OpenStack-Ansible, which sounds like it
already does similar things to what you are after. Essentially you can
supply a yaml formatted config and it will
generate a json, ini or yaml conf file for you. We have some docs around
using the module [2] - and it's already in use by the
ceph-ansible project.

We use it on top of templates, to allow the deployer to specify any options
that aren't templated, but you could
just as easily use it on a blank/empty start point and do away with
templates completely.

We tried to push it into Ansible core a few years ago, but there was push
back based on there being other ways to
achieve that, but I think there has been a shift in Ansible's approach to
accepting new features/modules - so
Kevin Carter (cloudnull) is going to give that another go at upstreaming
it, since it seems generically useful
for Ansible projects.

Hopefully that is useful, happy to discuss this more (or any other
collaboration points!) if that does sound interesting.

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