[openstack-dev] [heat] Online video meet up this week (topic:review)

Rico Lin rico.lin.guanyu at gmail.com
Wed Jul 12 13:28:28 UTC 2017

> This seems like a game of semantics. In your earlier message (quoted
> above) you said, "we will make our meeting this week as an online
> video meeting," and you've scheduled it for the exact same time as
> your normal IRC meeting. I'm not sure how anyone can come to a
> different conclusion than that you're (at least experimenting with)
> replacing your weekly IRC meetings with teleconferencing.

First, please don't worry about that replacing issue, because we never want
to replace
IRC meeting in anyway. And to make this clear, this is not even a
experiment to do so.
The hole point of have this meetup is to help all team member got chances
to join future
face to face discussion and hopefully become a virtual+face-to-face
discussion (I only mean PTG here).
Just like what I said in the ML above "The reason for doing this is because
we're a global team
 which almost impossible for all of us to literally sit in the same room in

To deal that we got more then half cores missing in last PTG only because
they can't make it?
That the issue we have to solve here.
And thanks for correct my semantics issue, I already send another ML out
for clearfy that.
Will choose my word carefully. We definitely don't want and misstaken of
the reason why we host
the meetup here, so thank you for that.

As for why doing meetup this time, instead of meeting, because we don't
need anything other than to
review BPs and Goals. And would hope to make more patches landing before

> The point wasn't whether there are open alternatives, just that
> you're expressly choosing convenience over software freedom. I get
> that different people place different priorities on this: for some
> free software is nice to have as long as it doesn't get in their
> way, while for others it's a mandate even if it means not getting to
> use some shiny new feature. The decision doesn't directly impact me
> as I only ever at most lurk in the Heat meeting in case anyone
> requests my input and maybe occasionally read the minutes/log, but
> as an example set by a long-standing team within the community it's
> certainly disappointing.
Thanks for share that concern out, I will raise this issue to team(maybe in
meeting next week).
The sad, OpenStack already start to adopt something here(I'm actually agree
with you and we should kill https://openstack.webex.com)
Again this is for one meetup and will seek on any feedback, so feedback
Thank you for fighting for this.
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