[openstack-dev] [deployment][TripleO][kolla][ansible][fuel] Next steps for cross project collaboration

Steven Hardy shardy at redhat.com
Mon Feb 27 16:02:54 UTC 2017

Hi all,

Over the recent PTG, and previously at the design summit in Barcelona,
we've had some productive cross-project discussions amongst the various
deployment teams.

It's clear that we share many common problems, such as patterns for major
version upgrades (even if the workflow isn't identical we've all duplicated
effort e.g around basic nova upgrade workflow recently), container images
and other common building blocks for configuration management.

Here's a non-exhaustive list of sessions where we had some good
cross-project discussion, and agreed a number of common problems where
collaboration may be possible:





If there is interest in continuing the discussions on a more regular basis,
I'd like to propose we start a cross-project working group:


If I go ahead and do this is "deployment" a sufficiently project-neutral
term to proceed with?

I'd suggest we start with an informal WG, which it seems just requires an
update to the wiki, e.g no need for any formal project team at this point?

Likewise I know some folks have expressed an interest in an IRC channel
(openstack-deployment?), I'm happy to start with the ML but open to IRC
also if someone is willing to set up the channel.

Perhaps we can start by using the tag "deployment" in all cross-project ML
traffic, then potentially discuss IRC (or even regular meetings) if it
becomes apparrent these would add value beyond ML discussion?

Please follow up here if anyone has other/better ideas on how to facilitate
ongoing cross-team discussion and I'll do my best to help move things



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