[openstack-dev] [tc][swg] Summary - Atlanta PTG Stewardship Working Group Session

Colette Alexander colettealexander at gmail.com
Mon Feb 27 15:56:21 UTC 2017

Hi everyone!

I thought I'd send a summary of the Stewardship Working Group activities
from our time at the PTG this past week to the list to add voices to our
discussions, and start the work of organizing our work for the next cycle.

The SWG had a room to ourselves for all of Monday, which was the same day
that many other cross-project sessions had to get their work done. Because
we knew the vibe would be more of a drop-in and check-things-out in between
other sessions, we prepared for collecting feedback with a bunch of
question prompts, and post-its and sharpies available for anyone who
dropped in to reply to questions quickly, and stick around and discuss if
they wanted.

The questions:
1. What do you love?
2. What should we fix?
3. What bothers you?
4. Questions?

For most of the morning we had quite a few people sticking around to talk
about subjects in the community and problems they wanted to see addressed.
That conversation also generated a lot of post-its on the "wall of
questions" as it progressed. The end result we ended up affinity mapping
towards the end of the afternoon, and then I ended up transcribing that
fully at the bottom of our session's etherpad as best as I could.[0] I
cross-mapped some things if they seemed to align with things in other
areas, and I'll continue to do that between now and the next SWG meeting.

Based on previous discussions with the group, it's highly likely that most
or all of these items will end up forming the SWG's work backlog in the
next 3-6 months.

I'd like to extend a special thanks to everyone who dropped in and gave
feedback, and especially to those who came by late in the afternoon to help
with affinity mapping everything.

If you attended part of the session, I'd love to hear your feedback here,
and see you in the #openstack-swg channel and at the next SWG meeting, on
March 2nd at 1400 UTC. I know we have some folks interested who live on the
west coast of the US, so one of our agenda items this week will be to
discuss moving the meeting a little to accommodate that time zone.

If you couldn't attend the PTG, but are interested in contributing feedback
here (or in-channel, or at the meeting) we definitely need you! Let us know
what you think the SWG and TC can do to help improve OpenStack!



[0] https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/AtlantaPTG-SWG
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