[openstack-dev] [ALU] Re: [vitrage] about aodh alarm notification

Weyl, Alexey (Nokia - IL) alexey.weyl at nokia.com
Mon Nov 28 06:21:09 UTC 2016

I also thought that my second proposal is the more reasonable one, calling the get_all in the AodhDriver contructor.

Looking forward to see the updated code, and push it upstream ☺

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It seems I missed the first clause in Alexeys 2nd proposal. `get_all` in constructor could be a good solution.

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Hi all,

Maybe call the get_all method in the AodhDriver constructor and cache all the alarms is a simple way.


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2016-11-28 11:23


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Re: [openstack-dev] [vitrage] about aodh alarm notification

Hi, Alexey

My comments inline.

On Mon, Nov 28, 2016 at 1:52 AM Weyl, Alexey (Nokia - IL) <alexey.weyl at nokia.com<mailto:alexey.weyl at nokia.com>> wrote:
Hi Dong,

I can think of 2 solutions for this problem:

1.       We can talk with the AODH developers and check if they can add additional data for the aodh notifications.

I think it might not be easily accepted since sending only the changes on update notification looks more reasonable to me.
2.       We can add a cache in the aodh driver, and call the get_all method in the AodhDriver constructor or when the first notification happens and fill the cache with the data. Then for each notification that arrives you  will update that cache in the aodh notification service, and send then event with all the data you need.

I doubt this will degrade the performance for the first notification since there will be additional conversation to retrieve the full data.

My proposal is to share a cache between snapshot service and listener service and I think it is a common requirements for all datasource using PUSH method.
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