[openstack-dev] [ironic] usage of ironic-lib

Loo, Ruby ruby.loo at intel.com
Mon May 16 13:57:14 UTC 2016


A patch to ironic-lib made me wonder about what is our supported usage of ironic-lib. Or even the intent/scope of it. This patch changes a method, ‘bootable’ parameter is removed and ‘boot_flag’ parameter is added [1].

If this library/method is used by some out-of-tree thing (or even some in-tree but outside of ironic), this will be a breaking change. If this library is meant to be internal to ironic program itself, and to e.g. only be used by ironic and IPA, then that is different. I was under the impression that it was a library and meant to be used by whatever, no restrictions on what that whatever was. It would be WAY easier if we limited this for usage by only a few specified projects.

What do people think?


[1] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/311613/4/ironic_lib/disk_partitioner.py
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