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Sridhar Ramaswamy srics.r at gmail.com
Mon May 9 22:26:26 UTC 2016

Hi Tackers,

For those who attended OpenStack Summit recently, hope you all took some
time to take a break and come back refreshed.

Here are some highlights from the Tacker design summit event. If I've
missed anything or you've some thoughts on things mentioned below, please
chime in.

- VNF Forwarding Graph Descriptor Support

   We have iterated few times integrating Tacker with Service Function
Chaining (SFC). We discussed the current focus for Newton, to introduce VNF
Forwarding Graph Descriptor support using TOSCA. This will be integrated
with Neutron using its networking-SFC APIs using a driver backend. A
sequence of specs has been lined up for tacker-vnffg-plugin ->
tacker-vnffg-sfc driver -> networking-SFC -> networking-odl. This first
iteration needs to be properly scoped, though. For example; this initial
version may not support multi-site, cross-AZ chaining, VDU scaling or
fwd-graphs within VNF (among VDUs). These advanced scenarios will be taken
up in the future (there is interest in them as heard in NFV Orchestration
BoF session [4]).

- TOSCA parser integration


   tosca-parser integration is at the heart of Tacker project. Few keys
themes we decided to go after in Newton are (a) Support TOSCA enhancements
and fixes for features in the Newton pipeline - VNF Forwarding Graph
Descriptor and Network Services Descriptor (NSD), including support for
substitution_mappings. (b) Move CSD03 items in Tacker into tosca-parser.

- VNF / VDU Scaling

  Again, we have discussed this few times over last two cycles. The initial
focus for Newton is to bring in VDU AutoScaling using alarm-based
monitoring policy and Ceilometer. The design should factor in supporting
Manual Scaling of specific VDU VMs. Key things to handle per-VDU Tacker
features like config-drive/ cloud-init, mgmt-driver and monitoring-driver
need to stay intact as the VDUs scale out / in. It was a godsend when Heat
core-team member joined this discussion at the right time! Also, Tacker
needs to leverage existing TOSCA enhancements in flight in heat-translator
project for this work item.

- Network Services Descriptor (NSD)
  NSD TOSCA template would allow multiple VNFs to be instantiated using one
TOSCA template. When combined with VNF FGD descriptor this will be quite
powerful. A quick poll of the attendees showed this is a useful feature for
the community.

- Multi-Tenancy

Multi-Tenancy was one of the interesting discussions during on summit.
There is an interest to introduce Multi-Tenancy in non-MultiSite Tacker
deployments. Multi-tenancy in MultiSite Tacker deployments seems to way out
of scope for just Tacker to handle. We need solutions from other projects
like Keystone Federation, Tricircle or others to enable support for that.
Meanwhile, there is a desire to introduce basic single site multi-tenancy
in Tacker. There was an observation w.r.t different Tacker components might
need different privilege. For e.g. Tacker NFVO could use a higher privilege
to handle things like Flavor create. Tacker VNFM might be able to operate
with a lower privileged user.

- Refactoring - Infra Driver
   a) Create VNF: Move most TOSCA parsing steps and config/mgmt-driver
handling from Heat-driver to plugin side.
   b) Delete VNF: Use OpenWRT mgmt-driver as the gold standard, reference
mgmt-driver. For, e.g., have OpenWRT mgmt-driver to remove configs previous
applied as part of the Delete workflow.

- VNF Audit Trail

Today VNF "status" is the only visibility into the state of VNF. The desire
is to introduce a capability to store an audit trail of all VNF state
transitions along with its timestamps and dispositions. A follow-on work
item would be to support an external message bus using Zaqar to "emit" them
for an external OSS/BSS system to integrate.

- CSAR support

   CSAR support will be introduced in two phases. First, CSAR bundle
support with TOSCA template + glance image (without custom mgmt-driver and
monitoring-driver). There is an opportunity to integrate with Glare to
store CSAR zip bundle. In the second phase, which is the end goal here, is
to introduce VNF specific mgmt and monitoring driver scoped for that
specific VNF and that can be introduced at tacker runtime (as opposed to
having this configured in tacker.conf and setup.cfg). There was a concern
raised w.r.t malicious code coming and running in the context of
mgmt-driver. This is a valid concern; we need to introduce capabilities
like CSAR bundle signing before those dynamic scripts can be introduced
into Tacker.

- Extendable VIM Infra Driver

  Cloudify team is interested in introducing new VIM Infra Driver type to
integrate Tacker with Aria. The "ask" from them is to send the TOSCA
template as-is to the infra-driver as the DSL is quite different from the
default TOSCA-NFV profile supported by Tacker. A couple of options that
stood out are (a) to send both parsed TOSCA DOM tree and unparsed TOSCA
template as-is to the infra driver to handle such variation. (b) carve out
TOSCA parsing as a pluggable component that is VIM dependent. More
discussions needed on this.

Bottomline, there is a desire to enable innovation in this area where
different vendors might bring in specialized Tacker VIM infra-drivers. Of
course, the community will continue to focus on delivering a full-featured,
open source, openstack based reference VIM Infra Driver.

- Decomposed Tacker Server

  On the architecture evolution side, there is a desire to evolve from the
current single process, greenlets based tacker-server to more decomposed
tacker runtimes (like tacker-api, tacker-engine, tacker-mon-agent). Such an
architecture will be useful to both cluster-ize and containerize tacker

- Align with ETSI IFA011 (VNF Packaging)
  Few community members requested Tacker to align with the new VNF
Packaging specification coming out from ETSI NFV ISG.

- NFVO & VNFM separation
  There is a continued desire to have these two functions available as
separate components within Tacker. Currently, they are separate components
(extensions) within Tacker.

- Cross-Project integration with Murano, Glare, Kingbird

  There is an opportunity to integrated, leverage and collaborate with
different openstack projects:

  Glare - to store TOSCA artifacts
  Murano - to collaborate on a common Catalog for VNFs and NSDs
  Kingbird - to consume MultiSite Quota / Resource Reservation


[1] https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/tacker-newton-summit
[2] https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/tacker-newton-refactoring
[3] https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/tacker-austin-tosca
[4] https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/austin-2016-nfv-orchestration-bof
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