[openstack-dev] Gal Sagie candidacy for the TC

Gal Sagie gal.sagie at gmail.com
Tue Mar 29 10:42:27 UTC 2016

Hello All,

I have been working on OpenStack for the past year, currently the PTL of two
projects part of the big-tent: Dragonflow and Kuryr and contributing to OVN and
to Neutron core.

The past year is by no doubt the best year of my career, working with
the community
and doing so openly for 100% of my time has been a great experience.
I fell in love with the OpenStack way and i keep trying to promote
open communities by being
a speaker at Numerous summits, arranging meetups, writing a blog about the
projects and overall trying to raise awareness for working open source
both internally
at my organization and externally.

I would love to contribute and be part of the TC to share my vision
for the road ahead
with the rest of the TC members and help drive it together with all the
projects that make OpenStack what it is.

The following points describe my high level vision and what i will
pursue in the next

1) Containers and OpenStack - i think this intersection is a crucial
part for the
   future of OpenStack, more and more workloads are turning into
containers and this
   in my view will only increase.
   enabling containers engines and OpenStack to work together will be
crucial for
   future deployments, this is one of the reason project Kuryr was
started and its my
   goal to make sure we align a mixed OpenStack containers strategy
for all major
   projects and future projects.

   I am already trying to arrange a containers session at the Ops
summit in Austin
   in order to better understand these environments and their challenges and i
   believe OpenStack flexibility can show real value to these environments.

2) Big-Tent, Users/Operators - I am all in favor of removing barriers
for innovation
   and being more on the allowing side then dismissing, but i feel the
picture of
   OpenStack as a whole for users and operators is not clear enough.
   Big number of projects, big number of configuration options and a
very hard time
   deploying OpenStack.

   Grouping projects and interests together and delegating responsibility is
   important, Neutron big-stadium is a good initiative but it didn't
work as planned
   and i hope to tackle this area both for the project teams but even
more importantly for
   the users and deployers, we need to define quality better and we
need to present
   a better overall picture of what OpenStack is and how its best and
simplest deployed.

3) Hybrid Cloud - This is an area OpenStack can show alot of value, it
spans across many
   areas like networking, storage, compute, backup and disaster
recovery, orchestration
   and more.
   I hope to try and work with the TC members and the project teams to raise
   awareness for hybrid and multi site enablement in all areas of
OpenStack, rather its
   federation or centralized orchestration we need to solve use cases
that are becoming
   more and more relevant.

4) Application in the middle - i think its important to understand our
users use cases
   and to me, OpenStack users are also the applications that run on top of it.
   Bridging the gap between the infrastructure and the application
needs helps prioritize
   and deliver better features for our projects and i hope to help in
that direction.

I plan to work with project teams to raise awareness for the above points
i dont believe in intervention, i think the TC role is to be a guiding
and helping body that
represent the community voice rather then an enforcer and i plan to keep doing
things this way.

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