[openstack-dev] [L3][QA] DVR job failure rate and maintainability

Sean M. Collins sean at coreitpro.com
Mon Sep 14 20:40:20 UTC 2015


Carl Baldwin, Doug Wiegley, Matt Kassawara, Ryan Moats, and myself are
at the QA sprint in Fort Collins. Earlier today there was a discussion
about the failure rate about the DVR job, and the possible impact that
it is having on the gate.

Ryan has a good patch up that shows the failure rates over time:


To view the graphs, you go over into your neutron git repo, and open the
.html files that are present in doc/dashboards - which should open up
your browser and display the Graphite query.

Doug put up a patch to change the DVR job to be non-voting while we
determine the cause of the recent spikes:


There was a good discussion after pushing the patch, revolving around
the need for Neutron to have DVR, to fit operational and reliability
requirements, and help transition away from Nova-Network by providing
one of many solutions similar to Nova's multihost feature.  I'm skipping
over a huge amount of context about the Nova-Network and Neutron work,
since that is a big and ongoing effort. 

DVR is an important feature to have, and we need to ensure that the job
that tests DVR has a high pass rate.

One thing that I think we need, is to form a group of contributors that
can help with the DVR feature in the immediate term to fix the current
bugs, and longer term maintain the feature. It's a big task and I don't
believe that a single person or company can or should do it by themselves.

The L3 group is a good place to start, but I think that even within the
L3 team we need dedicated and diverse group of people who are interested
in maintaining the DVR feature. 

Without this, I think the DVR feature will start to bit-rot and that
will have a significant impact on our ability to recommend Neutron as a
replacement for Nova-Network in the future.

Sean M. Collins

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