[openstack-dev] [puppet] Coordinator(s)/PTL tasks description

Sebastien Badia seb at sebian.fr
Thu Mar 26 17:08:55 UTC 2015


Following our Tuesday meeting, we decided to create a sort of PTL /
Coordinators tasks list with the essence of https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/PTL_Guide

I list some point here, but feel free to add discuss about them, it's not (yet)
written in stone.

- Community (group) manager:
  The PTL keeps abreast of upcoming meetings ops/other where it would be interesting
  for our community to be represented. Maintain an ical?

- Meetings organisation
  We need a chair to ensure that the meeting is correctly orchestrated, the PTL
  publish also a meeting agenda a minimum 5days before the meeting (see this
  example in openstack-tc¹). The PTL also publish meeting notes on the ML +
  wiki (for archive / easy search purposes).

- Bug triage / management (bug squashing party ?)
  The subject was raised during the last meeting, maybe a good form was
  something like a BSP (like we made in Debian), or a PR triage like puppetlabs
  one's². (This task was not necessarily managed by PTL)

- Maintain a list of active subject and directions like a backlog :)
  This was already managed by our trello board, and have a clear vision of where
  we are going on.

By stepping back, maybe we must elect a PTL to fit with OpenStack « standards »
and act in intern with something like a « scrum master » (changing every week)
firstly to distribute tasks, and secondly to involve everyone in the process.

These points are just ideas, a kind of cornerstone to discuss.


Sebastien Badia
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