[openstack-dev] [puppet] Moving under the "big tent"

Sebastien Badia seb at sebian.fr
Thu Mar 26 17:08:45 UTC 2015

On Mon, Mar 16, 2015 at 08:13:19AM (-0700), Colleen Murphy wrote:
>This thread is to follow up on our IRC discussion today. In today's meeting
>we started discussing whether we want to pursue applying to move under the
>OpenStack namespace and what pros and cons are. One concern that was
>brought up was that our contributor base, being largely made up of
>operators with many responsibilities, may not remain as consistent as the
>contributors in other major projects. The counter to that was that being a
>"real" project may increase the number of contributors we get.


Hum, I'm not sure that namespace change will solve this issue. We have mostly
ops/«devops» contributions because ops deploy OpenStack. And it's only a need.

At the beginning, puppet-modules living on github under puppetlabs namespace, we
decided to move on stackforge to fit with OpenStack development, despite a
greater barrier to contribute it was a good idea (we take profit of well
integrated review, gate, testing infra), but a point in the discussion at the
time was also the increase of contributors numbers. And it did not really take
place, companies that are already contributing, continued to contribute to.

So to summarize my thinkings (sorry if this is not clear…),

Ok for a move in the « big tent », we are not going to lose anything anyway, and
the step is relatively small now.

For the PTL history, I think you (Colleen) and Emilien already made the job, (and
a big thanks for that!), formalize things will not change much.

About mailing list move, I had not realized before, but it's a bit impossible
now to follow a puppet-openstack subject on the web archive (we wait strongly
mailman 3.x :p).


Sebastien Badia
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