[openstack-dev] [nova] Block Device Mapping is Invalid error

aburluka aburluka at parallels.com
Mon Mar 16 15:55:04 UTC 2015

Hello Nova!

I'd like to ask community to help me with some unclear things. I'm 
currently working on adding persistent storage support into a parallels 

I'm trying to start VM.

nova boot test-vm --flavor m1.medium --image centos-vm-32 --nic 
net-id=c3f40e33-d535-4217-916b-1450b8cd3987 --block-device 

Got an error:
ERROR (BadRequest): Block Device Mapping is Invalid: Boot sequence for 
the instance and image/block device mapping combination is not valid. 
(HTTP 400) (Request-ID: req-454a512c-c9c0-4f01-a4c8-dd0df0c2e052)

def create(self, req, body)
Has such "body" arg:
     {u'name': u'test-vm',
      u'imageRef': u'b9349d54-6fd3-4c09-94f5-8d1d5c5ada5c',
      u'block_device_mapping_v2': [{u'disk_bus': u'sata',
                                    u'source_type': u'volume',
                                    u'boot_index': u'1',
      u'flavorRef': u'3',
      u'max_count': 1,
      u'min_count': 1,
      u'networks': [{u'uuid': u'c3f40e33-d535-4217-916b-1450b8cd3987'}],
      'scheduler_hints': {}

Such block device mapping leads to bad boot indexes list.
I've tried to watch this argument while executing similiar command with 
kvm hypervisor on Juno RDO and get something like in "body":

{u'server': {u'name': u'test-vm',
  u'imageRef': u'78ad3d84-a165-42bb-93c0-a4ad1f1ddefc',
  u'block_device_mapping_v2': [{u'source_type': u'image',
                                u'destination_type': u'local',
                                u'boot_index': 0,
                                u'delete_on_termination': True,

                              {u'disk_bus': u'sata',
                               u'source_type': u'volume',
                               u'boot_index': u'1',
  u'flavorRef': u'3',
  u'max_count': 1,
  u'min_count': 1,
  'scheduler_hints': {}}}

Can you answer next questions please:
1) Does the first version miss an 'source_type': 'image' arg?
2) Where should and image block_device be added to this arg? Does it 
come from novaclient or is it added by some callback or decorator?

Looking forward for your help!

Alexander Burluka

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