[openstack-dev] [devstack][infra] Gate job works incorrectly

Nikolay Starodubtsev nstarodubtsev at mirantis.com
Wed Mar 18 17:13:16 UTC 2015

Hi all,
This week I try to discover why this job
and what's the difference from the same jobs in other clients. The results
are here:
1) Sahara client job fails because of the check heat templates makes. You
can see it here [1].
2) Other jobs don't fails because devstack installs heat after OpenStack
projects clients, and hear fetch clients version which is ok for him. You
can find it in stack.sh log (can reproduce on all-in-one devstack node).

So, here we faced 2 issues:
1) The gate job works incorrectly because it's use client versions from
Juno global requirements.
2) If we fix the first issue the job will faill because of the Heat check
at [1]

Steps to reproduce:
1) Install all-in-one devstack node with Sahara and enabled stack.sh
2) Use LIBS_FROM_GIT for python-saharaclient and python-novaclient.
3) Check pip freeze | grep client
    python-novaclient would be 2.20.0
    python-saharaclient would have a long ref and would be fetched directly
from GitHub.

Now this job is skipped in saharaclient, but we should find a way to fix
gate job ASAP.

Nikolay Starodubtsev

Software Engineer

Mirantis Inc.

Skype: dark_harlequine1
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