[openstack-dev] [openstack-infra] [neutron] Third Party CI Voting

John Davidge (jodavidg) jodavidg at cisco.com
Thu Jun 25 14:08:13 UTC 2015

Hi all,

Recent neutron third party CI issues have got me thinking again about a topic which we discussed in Vancouver:

Should any Third Party CI have voting rights for neutron patches in gerrit?

I’d like to suggest that they shouldn’t.

A -1 from a third party CI tool can often be an indication that the CI tool itself or the third party plugin is broken, rather than there being issues with the patch under review. I don’t think there are many cases where a third party CI tool has caught a genuine issue that Jenkins has missed. With the current voting rights these CI tools cause a lot of noise when they experience problems.

I’m not suggesting that the results of these tests be removed from the page altogether - there are some cases where their results are useful to the patch author/reviewer - but removing voting rights (or at least -1 rights) would save a patch from a –1 that might not be particularly meaningful.


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