[openstack-dev] stackforge projects are not second class citizens

Jay Pipes jaypipes at gmail.com
Mon Jun 15 11:44:28 UTC 2015

On 06/15/2015 07:30 AM, Boris Pavlovic wrote:
> Joe,
>     When looking at stackalytics [2] for each project, we don't see any
>     noticeably change in number of reviews, contributors, or number of
>     commits from before and after each project joined OpenStack.
> I can't agree on this.
> *) Rally is facing core-reviewers bottleneck currently.
> We have about 130 (40 at the begging on kilo) patches on review.
> *) In IRC +15 online members in average
> *) We merged about x2 if we compare to kilo-1 vs liberty-1
> *) I see a lot of interest from various companies to use Rally (because
> it is *official* now)

I'd also like to note that Rally is the only project in openstack/ that 
has independent, non-affiliated contributors in the top 5 contributors 
to the project. I think that is an excellent sign that the Rally 
contributor community is growing slowly but surely in ways that we (as a 
community) want to encourage.

What degree the Big Tent has to do with this is, of course, up for 
debate. Just wanted to point out something that differentiates the Rally 
contributor team from other openstack/ project teams.


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