[openstack-dev] [Networking] Support for multiple gateways in neutron/nova-net subnets for provider networks

Shraddha Pandhe spandhe.openstack at gmail.com
Thu Jun 11 19:26:09 UTC 2015

Currently, the Subnets in Neutron and Nova-Network only support one
gateway. For provider networks in large data centers, quite often, the
architecture is such a way that multiple gateways are configured per
subnet. These multiple gateways are typically spread across backplanes so
that the production traffic can be load-balanced between backplanes.
This is just my use case for supporting multiple gateways, but other folks
might have more use cases as well and also want to take the community's
opinion about this feature. Is this something that's going to help a lot of
I want to open up a discussion on this topic and figure out the best way to
handle this.
1. Should this be done in a same way as dns-nameserver, with a separate
table with two columns: gateway_ip, subnet_id.
2. Should Gateway field be converted to a List instead of String?
I have also opened a bug  for Neutron here:
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