[openstack-dev] [puppet][zaqar] Help needed creating Zaqar manifests for puppet.

Flavio Percoco flavio at redhat.com
Thu Jun 11 14:26:24 UTC 2015

On 11/06/15 06:53 -0700, Richard Raseley wrote:
>Flavio Percoco wrote:
>>I'm reaching out to our puppet community looking for help on creating
>>Zaqar's puppet manifests. We've started doing lots of work to help the
>>community adopt Zaqar and it'd be a shame to get at the end of the
>>road without having OPs friendly deployment tools.
>>I tried to work on this myself and then Jay Clark helped out a bit.
>>Here's the code[0], which is unfortunately not complete.
>>This said, I realize packaging is important and I'm happy to say that
>>there's a package for fedora/centos and Zigo is working on debian's
>>(Zigo, I know you're blocked by something I need to do, it's coming
>>So, can we get some help from the puppet team during Liberty to create
>>these manifests?
>>It goes without saying that we're more than happy to help if needed.
>>[0] https://github.com/jasontclark/puppet-zaqar
>>P.S: Puppet is just a start, in the future it'd be awesome to have
>>support for other deployment tools.
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>Apologies for not yet replying to your email dated June 4th.

Oh don't worry at all. I'm sorry if my email sounded like I was
putting preassure on you. I actually was but ssssh (joke).

>I have time set aside tomorrow (Friday from 1PM - 4PM) to begin review 
>of the work that's already done and start enumerating what the next 
>steps are. Look for some updated information from me either tomorrow 
>afternoon or over the weekend (which I'll share here for visibility).

This sounds awesome, thanks a lot for your support here!

>What TZ are you in (in case I need to poke you with some questions)?

I'm CEST (UTC+2) (#openstack-(dev|zaqar))



Flavio Percoco
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