[openstack-dev] [congress] table with named parameters in rule's left side ?

Pospisil, Radek radek.pospisil at hp.com
Thu Jun 11 13:41:12 UTC 2015


Is it possible to have named parameters on rule's left side, for example:

1.       predeploy_modify(eid,oid,"add_property",5, name="image", value=pvalue) :- .... Glancev2:images(name=pvalue,...)

2.       predeploy_modify(eid,oid,"add_object", 10, type="monitoring", port=8190, path="/aa/bb") :- ....

My Usecase is following - I want to use Congress to provide me list of 'actions' that I have to do on Murano environment prior it is deployed - for example:

*         I want to enforce/use specific image for given component(s) in environment, so I set corresponding property (example 1)

*         I want to add an object (monitoring) with properties to environment  (example 2)

Thus generally "I want to query for one rule with variable set/dictionary of arguments" - for example using simulation API:
$ openstack congress policy simulate test 'predeploy_modify()' '' action
Result will be
predeploy_modify(<uuid>,<uuid>,'add_property', 5, name="image", value="<uuid>")
predeploy_modify(<uuid>,<uuid>,'add_object', 10, type="monitoring", port="...", path="...")

The problem is that if I do (as an example):

$  openstack congress policy rule create test "a(o,p,q=4) :- b(o),b(p)"
ERROR: openstack Syntax error for rule::Compiler found errors:Atom a(q=4) uses named parameters but the columns for table a have not been declared.
Atom a(q=4) uses named parameters but the columns for table a have not been declared. (HTTP 400) (Request-ID: req-b05683e6-766a-4be8-a238-5811eb6f7125)

So is it possible to use named parameters on not-declared tables?
I know that it is possible to do for "execute[ action(...) ] :- ", where positional and keyword/named set of parameters is passed to action-executor.


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