[openstack-dev] Announcing Gertty 1.2.0

James E. Blair corvus at inaugust.com
Wed Jun 10 16:22:39 UTC 2015

Announcing Gertty 1.2.0

Gertty is a console-based interface to the Gerrit Code Review system.

Gertty is designed to support a workflow similar to reading network
news or mail.  It syncs information from Gerrit to local storage to
support disconnected operation and easy manipulation of local git
repos.  It is fast and efficient at dealing with large numbers of
changes and projects.

The full README with installation instructions may be found here:


Changes since 1.1.0:

* Changes may be reviewed directly from the change list.

* Multiple changes may be reviewed at once by selecting them from the
  change list.  This can be very useful for mass application of changes
  across many repositories, or to leave comments about dependencies,
  etc, on a whole series of changes.

* The local database and git repositories are pruned of closed changes
  to save space and speed up operations.  By default, changes closed
  more than two months ago are removed, but the value is configurable.

* Searches by filename, age, reviewer, and messages are now supported.

* Change IDs are now supported as simple searches (without a search

* Syncing operations have been improved.

* The file name is always displayed at the top of the diff screen.

* Change IDs, topics, and project names are now searchable links on the
  change screen.

* A URL (e.g., https://review.example.com/#/c/1234/) may be copied into
  the search box to open a change directly.

* The permalink is now displayed on the change screen for easy copy/paste.

* Local checkout and cherry-pick are supported directly from the change

* Starred and owned changes are synced regardless of whether the project
  is subscribed.

* If Gertty is about to upload a review of a change where someone else
  has since left a more negative vote than the one it is about to
  upload, Gertty will cancel the upload operation and mark the change
  as "held" for re-review and alert the user.  In this manner, offline
  reviewers can avoid accidentally ignoring potentially important
  negative feedback on a change.

* Scrolling by mouse wheel is now supported.

* Times are displayed in the local timezone, or optionally (by
  configuration) in UTC.

* Several other display and performance improvements.

Thanks to the following people whose changes are included in this

  Adam Spiers
  Christoph Gysin
  James Polley
  Jan Kundrát
  Jeremy Stanley
  K Jonathan Harker
  Matthew Treinish
  Miguel Grinberg
  Paul Belanger

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