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Hi James

On 02/06/15 23:41, James E. Blair wrote:
> This came up at the TC meeting today, and I volunteered to provide
> an update from the discussion.

Thankyou - much appreciated.

> In general, I think there is a lot of support for a packaging
> effort in OpenStack.  The discussion here has been great; we need
> to answer a few questions, get some decisions written down, and
> make sure we have agreement.
> Here's what we need to know:
> 1) Is this one or more than one horizontal effort?
> In other words, do we think the idea of having a single packaging 
> project/team with collaboration among distros is going to work?
> Or should we look at it more like the deployment projects where we
> have puppet and chef as top level OpenStack projects?

After some discussion with Thomas on IRC, I think this is more than
one effort; The skills and motivation for developers reviewing
proposed packaging changes needs to be aligned IMO - so I think it
makes sense to split the packaging teams between:

 Debian/Ubuntu + derivatives
 CentOS/Fedora/RHEL + derivatives

> Either way is fine, and regardless, we need to answer the next 
> questions:
> 2) What's the collaboration plan?
> How will different distros collaborate with each other, if at all?
> What things are important to standardize on, what aren't and how do
> we support them all.

For Debian/Ubuntu, Thomas and I are already working on re-aligning
packaging as much as possible for the Liberty cycle; to start off with
this will be the dependency chain, but we've also agreed to look at
the core openstack packages as well, which is where we have the
greatest delta today.

We will have to come up with some sort of smart way to continue to
manage that delta going forward - we've had quite black and white
opinions in the past as to what should be in the core packages and
what should not.  That said, we want to enable wider collaboration as

By aligning branches for packaging against OpenStack releases, rather
than Debian or Ubuntu releases, I think we can gain the maximum
collaboration between Debian and Ubuntu, irrespective of which
OpenStack version is being shipped by each distro.

> 3) What are the plans for repositories and their contents?
> What repos will be created, and what will be in them.  When will
> new ones be created, and is there any process around that.

I think Thomas has the definitive list of existing git repositories in
Debian that we can use for the majority of repos - but I'd like to
ensure we get the branches setup right on the openstack projects
themselves to represent the simpler Ubuntu base packaging and the more
complex Debian packaging.

Thomas and I can work on the details of that.

> 4) Who is on the team(s)?
> Who is interested in the overall effort?  Who is signing up for 
> distro-specific work?  Who will be the initial PTL?

I'd like the members of my team who work on OpenStack packaging at
Canonical to be part of the Debian/Ubuntu development team; that would
include myself, Chuck Short and Corey Bryant.

As Thomas is already taking a lead and has control of the majority of
repository sources, I'd be happy for him to be the initial PTL;
however I would like to see the PTL role switch each cycle so as to
not overburden one individual, and to make sure that the team enjoys
the diversity of technical leadership and objectives of each distro.

> I think if the discussion here can answer those questions, you
> should update the governance repo change with that information, we
> can get alhat.l the participants to ack that, and the TC will be
> able to act.



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