[openstack-dev] How to configure a Rsync with password in OpenStack Swift

Andy Xie andy.xning at gmail.com
Mon Jun 1 09:32:31 UTC 2015

how to configure a rsync with password in OpenStack Swift?

I am currently working on Swift and configure it to working with rsync
without a password properly. However, i wander if we can configure rsync
with a password so that we can make rsync more safe. Is there any way or
manual to instruct to do this?

I have read the code about rsync when used to do replication. However, it
only comes with some usual parameters such as "--bwlimit" and so on. I have
found nothing about the '--password-file' option.

Because if i configure "auth users" and "secret file" option in
"/etc/rsync.conf", then all client in "auth users" will need to do
authentication when do a replication.

Thus, i think we can not specify a password for rsync. Am i right?
Ning Xie
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