[openstack-dev] [Sahara] Questions about event log step_type & cluster status

Li, Chen chen.li at intel.com
Tue Jul 28 05:39:49 UTC 2015

Hi Sahara,

"step_type" is a member of  ClusterProvisionStep, and also be stored in context.

I noticed that the "step_type" in context sometimes is updated at the same time as cluster status:

>From my understanding, for a certain cluster, the relationship among cluster status & steps & event should be:

1.       The cluster is under a certain "status"

2.       Some "steps" would happen under a certain "status"

3.       Some "events" would happen under a certain "step"

For example, if we're working under plugin vanilla 2.6.

1.       When a cluster is under "Starting" status.

2.       Two steps involved for the  "Starting" status  : configure_instances & configure_topology_data.

3.       For step  "configure_instances", several events would happen => events number == instances number.

My questions are:

1.       Are there some step_type actually mixed with cluster status ?  Should they be removed ?
                     Or,  I have missed something very important that we do need these step_type to be listed with cluster status ?

2.       Should we define a group of constant to list all possible steps could happen for a cluster ?

ð  If a plugin need special steps, it should define special constant by itself.

Looking forward to your reply.



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