[openstack-dev] [TripleO] Finding old reviews for action

James Polley jp at jamezpolley.com
Wed Nov 26 10:59:27 UTC 2014

At the mid-cycle, there was some discussion around using our weekly meeting
time to find 5 old reviews and assign people to shepherd those reviews -
either marking them as abandoned if there hasn't been any action, or
rounding up reviewers or people to help make changes if required to drive
it forward.

What we didn't nail down at the time was how to find the 5 reviews. Because
of the ambiguity, we spent some time a few weeks ago trying to decide on a
method. Full logs are at [1] but in short we settled on using the "Longest
waiting reviews (based on latest revision):" from [2].

I'm mentioning this on the list so that (A) we can be consistent across
meetings in how we look for issues that need attention, (B) so that other
people can suggest other methods of finding the reviews that need
attention, if this isn't the best method, and (C) in case this set of
reviews is something we might want to surface elsewhere (sadly, I don't
believe it can't be surfaced in a Gerrit dashboard, unless Gerrit can now
handle any sorting other than newest-first)

[2] http://russellbryant.net/openstack-stats/tripleo-openreviews.html
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