[openstack-dev] [neutron] agent_db module is_active VS is_agent_down

Gariganti, Sudhakar Babu sudhakar-babu.gariganti at hp.com
Thu Nov 13 10:05:35 UTC 2014

Hello Neutron folks,

I see that we have an agent property 'is_active' which internally uses the method is_agent_down() defined in AgentDbMixin to let us know if the agent is UP/DOWN, from the server point of view.
But I don't see any of the service plugins or schedulers leveraging this property, they are all directly using is_agent_down() itself. Except one occurrence in dhcp_rpc_agent_api module, is_agent_down() is being used wherever applies.

Should we get rid of is_active altogether or modify the existing calls for is_agent_down() to use is_active??


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