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On Thu, Dec 4, 2014 at 11:40 AM, marios <marios at redhat.com<mailto:marios at redhat.com>> wrote:
On 04/12/14 11:40, James Polley wrote:
> Just taking a look at http://doodle.com/27ffgkdm5gxzr654 again - we've
> had 10 people respond so far. The winning time so far is Monday 2100UTC
> - 7 "yes" and one "If I have to".

for me it currently shows 1200 UTC as the preferred time.

You're the 11th responder :) And yes, 1200/1400/1500 are now all leading  with 8/0/3.

So to be clear, we are voting here for the alternate meeting. The
'original' meeting is at 1900UTC. If in fact 2100UTC ends up being the
most popular, what would be the point of an alternating meeting that is
only 2 hours apart in time?

To me the point would be to get more people able to come along to the meeting. But if the difference *was* that small, I'd be wanting to ask if changing the format or content of the meeting could convince more people to join the 1900UTC meeting - I think that having just one meeting for the whole team would be preferable, if we could manage it.

But at present, it looks like if we want to maximise attendance, we should be focusing on European early afternoon. That unfortunately means that it's going to be very hard for those of us in Australia/New Zealand/China/Japan to make it - 1400UTC is 1am Sydney, 10pm Beijing. It's 7:30pm New Delhi, which might be doable, but I don't know of anyone working there who would regularly attend.

[JP]  - how about we rethink both meeting times then?  19:00 UTC seems like a time that is convenient for only one timezone, and ideally each meeting time should at least be convenient for 2 major geographies.  If 15:00 UTC were one meeting, that should be a time convenient for all of Europe, and also ok back as far back as the USA West coast.  Then a meeting up at 21:00 UTC should cover most of Australasia and also provide a good alternate time through to the US East coast.

Even if those aren’t the 2 times chosen, maybe that is the thinking we need here?

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