[openstack-dev] [diskimage-builder] Tracing levels for scripts (119023)

Chris Jones cmsj at tenshu.net
Wed Dec 3 10:47:30 UTC 2014


I am very sympathetic to this view. We have a patch in hand that improves the situation. We also have disagreement about the ideal situation.

I +2'd Ian's patch because it makes things work better than they do now. If we can arrive at an ideal solution later, great, but the more I think about logging from a multitude of bash scripts, and tricks like XTRACE_FD, the more I think it's crazy and we should just incrementally improve the non-trace logging as a separate exercise, leaving working tracing for true debugging situations.

Chris Jones

> On 3 Dec 2014, at 05:00, Ian Wienand <iwienand at redhat.com> wrote:
>> On 12/03/2014 09:30 AM, Clint Byrum wrote:
>> I for one find the idea of printing every cp, cat, echo and ls command out
>> rather frustratingly verbose when scanning logs from a normal run.
> I for one find this ongoing discussion over a flag whose own help says
> "-x -- turn on tracing" not doing the blindly obvious thing of turning
> on tracing and the seeming inability to reach to a conclusion on a
> posted review over 3 months a troubling narrative for potential
> consumers of diskimage-builder.
> -i
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