[openstack-dev] [diskimage-builder] Tracing levels for scripts (119023)

Clint Byrum clint at fewbar.com
Wed Dec 3 18:41:01 UTC 2014

Excerpts from Chris Jones's message of 2014-12-03 02:47:30 -0800:
> Hi
> I am very sympathetic to this view. We have a patch in hand that improves the situation. We also have disagreement about the ideal situation.
> I +2'd Ian's patch because it makes things work better than they do now. If we can arrive at an ideal solution later, great, but the more I think about logging from a multitude of bash scripts, and tricks like XTRACE_FD, the more I think it's crazy and we should just incrementally improve the non-trace logging as a separate exercise, leaving working tracing for true debugging situations.

Forgive me, I am not pushing for an ideal situation, but I don't want a

Running without -x right now has authors xtracing as a rule. Meaning
that the moment this merges, the amount of output goes to almost nil
compared to what it is now.

Basically this is just more of the same OpenStack wrong-headed idea, "you
have to run in DEBUG logging mode to be able to understand any issue".

I'm totally willing to compromise on the ideal for something that is
good enough, but I'm saying this is not good enough _if_ it turns off
tracing for all scripts.

What if the patch is reworked to leave the current trace-all-the-time
mode in place, and we iterate on each script to make tracing conditional
as we add proper logging?

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