[openstack-dev] Proposal for new Program: OpenStack Deployment

Robert Collins robertc at robertcollins.net
Tue Jul 16 00:30:05 UTC 2013

On 11 July 2013 02:47, Anne Gentle <annegentle at justwriteclick.com> wrote:
> Hi Robert,
> What's your plan for documenting the efforts so that others can do this in
> their environments? Is there any documentation currently for which you can
> send links?

Sorry for the slow reply to this; the thread got lost in my inbox,
then the weekend... bah!

Anyhow, Clint has sent through current docs.

The plan we have is to get the thing working end to end (which we are
mostly there on) and then decide what should be instructions, and what
should be automation. E.g. exactly what the UI for tripleo's native
bits are (whatever they may be).

> The Doc team is especially interested in configuration docs and installation
> docs as those are the toughest to produce in a timely, accurate manner now.
> We have a blueprint for automatically generating docs from configuration
> options in the code. We are trying to determine a good path for install docs
> for meeting the release deliverable -- much discussion at
> http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-docs/2013-July/002114.html.
> Your input welcomed.

A few random thoughts:

is an interesting perspective... Certainly we consider documentation a
primary part of what we're doing : got to teach people how to use the
tooling. So I guess I disagree with that post - if you can't install a
product, you can't use it.

I don't think we need to cover all the options and possibilities - we
should be covering the 95% of use cases: small/ medium / big profiles;
reference network setup, reference DB etc. I would like to get TripleO
into the official manuals of course... I think as we mature we'll
start moving docs from our trees into the reference manuals.

I expect TripleO/OpenStack Deployment docs to be updated continually
(even if/when we add support for released versions) - because the
environment folk deploy in doesn't stand still.


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