[openstack-dev] cells checks on patches

Sean Dague sean at dague.net
Sat Jul 13 12:13:44 UTC 2013

So I'm all in favor of having a cells checks on patches, and I knew they 
were going to be failing up front, however I just started looking at the 
fail logs - 

Currently cells can even get past devstack exercises, which are very 
minor sanity checks for the environment (nothing tricky). Which means we 
never get to tempest, because we bail early. It's not just one exercise, 
it's 4 (basically anything that talks to nova fails), and it's not 
flakey, all 4 of those exercises have failed on every one of the half 
dozen runs I've spot checked.

Is there someone actively working to get cells in the gate running? 
(like this is their only blueprint for H3?). I expect if anyone wants 
this for H3 it's really going to require someone to be dedicated on it 
from now until then. This has a long ways to go, and given that we're 
already seeing devstack node starvation at times, we might want to 
rethink having this thing just chew up resource if it's not being really 
aggressively worked.


Sean Dague

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