[legal-discuss] Appropriate use of OpenStack CCLA Schedule B...

Monty Taylor mordred at inaugust.com
Tue Jul 8 06:27:50 UTC 2014

On 07/07/2014 06:18 PM, McCullough, Theodore wrote:
> Hi Folks:

Hi! I am not a lawyer...

> I am interested in using the CCLA Schedule B as a vehicle to make
> contributions as per the OpenStack CCLA- "Contribution" shall mean
> the code, documentation or other original works of authorship
> expressly identified in Schedule B..."
> Currently, my thought is to post in the GIT Commit Message
> accompanying the contribution, "Per the terms of the CCLA, this is a
> CCLA Schedule B Submission" or "CCLA Schedule B Submission".
> I would like some feedback regarding using the Schedule B to make
> contributions.

Interesting idea, but I don't think it helps, as we have no way of
connecting your CCLA to the statement. So, if you had a boilerplate CCLA
text you asked your employees to sign, we, as the technical community,
would have no way to verify the validity of the statement. That means it
has no basis for existence in our world. It also adds a bunch of
non-useful text into the git commit history.

> Thank you in advance for your thoughts.
> Best regards, -T.
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