[Openstack-operators] [doc] Operations Guide removal

Gregory Orange gregory.orange at pawsey.org.au
Tue Jul 18 08:08:58 UTC 2017

On 18/07/17 14:18, Andreas Jaeger wrote:
> Gregory, we discussed this in the past here. The guide is outdated and
> orphaned. We asked how to move forward and the feedback by operators
> was: We (= some operators) move it to the wiki and maintain it there.
> Yes, we're not going to keep an outdated version published as is. This
> needs people to drive the guide forward and none have shown up to move
> it forward in the existing form,

Please forgive my naivete here - I am quite new to OpenStack and as such to the community. I have found that in this project as well as in others, old documentation can be surprisingly useful, especially when marked with a date or version.

I recognise that volunteer time is limited, and am interested to see how the new ideas for documentation will go. At the same time, significantly reduced access to documentation - yes, even outdated, orphaned documentation - will make life more difficult for this new operator. If the decision is fixed and there is no will to avoid an outage in this manner, then I guess that is about all I can say.

I will say a word of thanks to you and all of the contributors to the documentation so far. It is critical to anyone starting to use such a massive set of software. I hope that the migration to wiki arrangements is smooth and successful.


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