[Openstack-operators] [doc] Operations Guide removal

Andreas Jaeger aj at suse.com
Tue Jul 18 06:18:17 UTC 2017

On 2017-07-18 03:20, Gregory Orange wrote:
> Hello Alex and Andreas,
> On 17/07/17 16:50, Alexandra Settle wrote:
>> I have been emailing the ops list calling for volunteers to help
>> migrate the operations guide over to the OpenStack wiki. I have had a
>> volunteer, but he is currently on vacation. Perhaps this is to what
>> you are referring to?
>> As Andreas noted, any documentation can always be accessed using the
>> before-migration tag in the openstack-manuals repo.
> Thank you both for your responses. The way I read this is: The
> documentation will become unavailable in its current form, accessible
> only via github.com; the links within those pages to docs.openstack.org
> will break, and the navigation layout will be absent. While I appreciate
> that the material will technically still be available, it will be
> markedly less accessible to someone trawling for information who does
> not already have a strong knowledge of that documentation.

Gregory, we discussed this in the past here. The guide is outdated and
orphaned. We asked how to move forward and the feedback by operators
was: We (= some operators) move it to the wiki and maintain it there.

Yes, we're not going to keep an outdated version published as is. This
needs people to drive the guide forward and none have shown up to move
it forward in the existing form,

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