[Openstack-operators] [doc] Operations Guide removal

Gregory Orange gregory.orange at pawsey.org.au
Tue Jul 18 01:20:07 UTC 2017

Hello Alex and Andreas,

On 17/07/17 16:50, Alexandra Settle wrote:
> I have been emailing the ops list calling for volunteers to help migrate the operations guide over to the OpenStack wiki. I have had a volunteer, but he is currently on vacation. Perhaps this is to what you are referring to?
> As Andreas noted, any documentation can always be accessed using the before-migration tag in the openstack-manuals repo.

Thank you both for your responses. The way I read this is: The documentation will become unavailable in its current form, accessible only via github.com; the links within those pages to docs.openstack.org will break, and the navigation layout will be absent. While I appreciate that the material will technically still be available, it will be markedly less accessible to someone trawling for information who does not already have a strong knowledge of that documentation.


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