[Openstack-operators] cinder v2 and cinder-client

Fischer, Matt matthew.fischer at twcable.com
Wed Feb 25 01:58:20 UTC 2015

On 2/24/15, 12:54 PM, "Jesse Keating" <jlk at bluebox.net> wrote:

>On 2/23/15 8:13 PM, Fischer, Matt wrote:
>> What does everyone else do here?
>I've been trying to get this to work as well. I thought I had it going
>with just putting the v2 path into the volume endpoint url, and that
>worked from Nova's POV (including novaclient), but cinderclient did not
>like it (nor did openstackclient).
>If I have volume and volumev2 services respectively with v1 and v2 URLs
>novaclient and cinderclient are happy, however nova-api winds up picking
>v1 to use instead of v2 and then continues to complain about deprecation
>of the v1 protocol.
>To influence nova-api to make use of the v2 end point, when both are in
>the catalog, you have to set catalog_info in the [cinder] section of
>nova.conf, to something like "volumev2:cinderv2:publicURL". In Juno this
>defaults to "volume:cinder:publicURL", but beyond juno it defaults to
>"volumev2:cinderv2:publicURL" thanks to
>SO, on Juno, to use v2 API, it sure seems like you need volumev2 end
>point, a modified catalog_info in nova.conf, and as noted in the other
>message, a configuration to cinderclient to make use of the v2 API.
>We will be testing this scenario a bit for functionality, including
>encrypted volumes, over the next week or so, and hopefully should have
>something to report by the midcycle meetup, if anybody is interested.

I¹d like to find out your results a the meetup. I think for now we¹re
going to stick with both endpoints enabled and revisit it later so having
that info would be helpful.

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