[Openstack-operators] cinder v2 and cinder-client

Jesse Keating jlk at bluebox.net
Tue Feb 24 19:54:34 UTC 2015

On 2/23/15 8:13 PM, Fischer, Matt wrote:
> What does everyone else do here?

I've been trying to get this to work as well. I thought I had it going 
with just putting the v2 path into the volume endpoint url, and that 
worked from Nova's POV (including novaclient), but cinderclient did not 
like it (nor did openstackclient).

If I have volume and volumev2 services respectively with v1 and v2 URLs 
novaclient and cinderclient are happy, however nova-api winds up picking 
v1 to use instead of v2 and then continues to complain about deprecation 
of the v1 protocol.

To influence nova-api to make use of the v2 end point, when both are in 
the catalog, you have to set catalog_info in the [cinder] section of 
nova.conf, to something like "volumev2:cinderv2:publicURL". In Juno this 
defaults to "volume:cinder:publicURL", but beyond juno it defaults to 
"volumev2:cinderv2:publicURL" thanks to 

SO, on Juno, to use v2 API, it sure seems like you need volumev2 end 
point, a modified catalog_info in nova.conf, and as noted in the other 
message, a configuration to cinderclient to make use of the v2 API.

We will be testing this scenario a bit for functionality, including 
encrypted volumes, over the next week or so, and hopefully should have 
something to report by the midcycle meetup, if anybody is interested.


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