[Openstack-operators] Call for tools and utilities

Abel Lopez alopgeek at gmail.com
Thu Jan 17 18:36:32 UTC 2013

One thing that has become painfully obvious in Openstack is the lack of operational tools.
Too many times on this list, I've seen the answer be "Go in the database and manually fix it"
This is fine for your small lab deployments, or when you're staffed with nothing but Sr. admins.

We really need to start grouping and maintaining a set of 'safe for everyone' tools that can do some of these tasks.

I have been thinking writing some utilities so that I wouldn't have to go into the database and toggle a '0' to a '1', or whatnot.
I'm sure many of you on this list have your own tricks that you employ as well.

We need to follow the approach of the openstack-chef cookbooks, where we all work towards making a better/reproducible environment using community books.
We need to gather up all our 'aces up the sleeve' put them somewhere in the open, and make sure that even the most green Jr sysadmin can properly wield them.

Doing so will truly 'operationalize' Openstack, and IMO would be a worthwhile thing.
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