[Openstack-operators] Trying to deploy an instance..running out of disk space on the compute node?

Lorin Hochstein lorin at nimbisservices.com
Thu Jan 17 22:08:56 UTC 2013

On Thu, Jan 17, 2013 at 4:55 PM, Andrew Glen-Young <
andrew.glen-young at canonical.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> On Thu 17-01-2013 09:24 ›, Abel Lopez wrote:
> > Is /var not a separate filesystem? By default, your instances run out of
> > /var/lib/nova/instances
> > Make sure that has enough space
> You can changed the default path by setting 'instances_path' in your
> nova.conf file.
Also note that if you create snapshots of images, potentially large files
will be created in your /tmp directory. So, even if your /var partition is
large, you can run into trouble if your root partition is not large enough
to snapshot a large instance.


Lorin Hochstein
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